The Present and Future of Vagus Nerve Stimulation. Citation: (Yang 2019, 344-352)

Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) is an adjunctive neuromodulation therapy that was approved in 1997 for the alleviation of seizures; however, efforts to control epilepsy by stimulating the vagus nerve have been studied for over 100 years. The ability for VNS to affect various brain areas, has a wide indication for various intractable epileptic syndromes and epilepsyrelated comorbidities. Moreover, recent studies have shown anti-inflammatory effects of VNS, and the indication is expanding beyond epilepsy to rheumatoid arthritis, chronic headaches, and depression. Read more about the demonstrated benefits of VNS treatment in the article by Dr. Yang and Dr. Hoon Phi in the Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society.

The Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine (CIAM) has been providing professionally endorsed and approved continuing education in Auricular Medicine for healthcare and wellness practitioners since 2003. CIAM recognizes the confluence of the sciences in Traditional Chinese Medicine, neuroscience, energy medicine, bio medicine, bio electronic medicine, and therapeutic approaches in psychology, physiotherapy and naturopathy. This article as related to research in surgical practice, points to the neuro-stimulative effects present in all of these areas of medicine for decades (if not, in some practices, centuries and even millennia).


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