Experimental Results in Auricular Medicine—A New Hypothesis. Citation: (Litscher 2018, 132)

This editorial proposes a multimodal concept for future research on the Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) through hypothesis concerning mechanisms of the VAS. Download the paper on Medicines (external link)  Litscher G, Yannacopoulos T, Kreisl P. Nogier Reflex: Physiological and Experimental Results in Auricular Medicine—A New Hypothesis. Medicines 2018;5(4):132. 

Auricular Neuromodulation: The Emerging Concept beyond the Stimulation of Vagus and Trigeminal Nerves. Citation: (Mercante 2018, 10)

In a review of TNS, tVNS and Auricular Stimulation, Benjamina Mercante (and her colleagues Franca Deriu, and Claire-Marie Rangon) present possible sites and mechanisms of action in the Central Nervous System. The paper suggests that with the continuous advancement since the auricular maps of physician Paul Nogier, the field of advanced non-invasive neuromodulation via the ear, due to the innervation by the cervical plexus, may become the most affordable, accurate and powerful gateway to the b...