Resonance Signaling and Yoga. Citation: (Srinivasan 2018, 89-90)

Everything in nature resonates in one way or another. Resonance is a phenomenon we can find in everything from our daily interactions — “you give me a good vibe” — to the basic science of cellular biology. In cellular biology we understand that biologically generated (endogenous) electrical fields are produced, for example, around an injury on the skin to provide an electrical potential that initiates repair.

Scientific interest in the idea of resonance is furthering integrative healing concepts in medical and wellness fields from bioelectromagnetic medicine (i.e. resonance signaling and frequency modulation) to sound therapy and yoga. In his article on Srinivasan makes this bridge to introduce our own ability to affect positive resonance signaling for our own well-being. He introduces scientific understanding of cellular function to relate specific frequencies to specific cellular functions. This article, although not about Auricular Medicine, offers context to the idea of resonance as a bridge between medical sciences and healing arts — a bridge also offered by Auricular Medicine which is grounded in resonance-based science; from resonance signals of the autonomic nervous system (as used in palpation of the Vascular Autonomic Signal or VAS), frequency modulation via laser therapy to affect metabolic function on the cellular level, and frequency resonance to assess harmful and or healing substances for particular health conditions. It is hopeful to consider that Srinivasan’s article possibly provokes the idea that your appreciation of the resonance between all things could support your affect on Universal harmony. Discover your own link to Universal harmony — from resonance, to Yoga, to Auricular Medicine, to homeostasis (see Europe PMC).

The Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine (CIAM) offers training for the use of Auricular Medicine in support of integrative pathways to healing across numerous medical and wellness modalities — even Yoga. Through Auricular Medicine we discover the scientific links to ideas such as resonance signaling and spirituality. 

Dr. med. Frank Bahr of the German Akademie for Acupuncture in Munich (Deutsche Akademie für Akupunktur) has identified the frequency of Om (the Atman or soul within and Brahman or universal truth) as being 136.10 Hz. This frequency has a unique relationship to laterality, the communication between the left an right hemispheres of our brain, in that the laterality point as reflected on the ear (or point of life) resonates with the frequency of 272.20 Hz — exactly double the frequency of Om. The Bach floral essence, Sclerantus, also has the frequency 272.20 Hz and is often prescribed to support finding direction in life. Om!

Srinivasan TM. Resonance Signaling and Yoga. International Journal of Yoga. 2018 May-Aug;11(2):89-90. DOI: 10.4103/ijoy.IJOY_16_18.

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