Microsystems Acupuncture Today. Citation: (Gleditsch 2005, XIII)

Micosystems of the human body are used in various areas of healthcare and wellness practice from acupuncture to reflexology — with traditions of use well before the developments in modern medicine. Microsystems, as respective to acupuncture specifically, have helped expand the field of acupuncture from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to a variety of methods now practiced worldwide with the use of needles, pressure, Low Level Laser, and electro-stimulation.

Microsystems are based on the idea that the human body is reflected in particular somatotopic fields comprising specific points of correspondence. Each of the microsystem points is correlated to, and interrelated with, a particular organ or function. Microsystems can be found in the eye, the foot, on the scalp, on the hand, in the mouth, and elsewhere.

One of the earliest Microsystems, developed in the early 1950’s by the French physician Paul Nogier, is the auricular system which resembles an inverted fetus projected onto the ear. The auricular microsystem is one of the most densely packed system of points with great specificity and detail. Use of the auricular microsystem offers targeting of projections of the entire Central Nervous System (unlike other Microsystems which only have limited neural involvement). 

In his overview, Microsystems Acupuncture Today, Gleditsch provides further detail on various systems, their uses and origins.



Gleditsch J. Introduction. Microsystems Acupuncture Today. Thieme Medical Publishers: XIII.

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