An Auricular Marker for COVID-19. Citation: (Volf 2020, 174)

An Auricular Marker for COVID-19. Citation: (Volf 2020, 174)

In response to COVID-19 cases requiring mechanical ventilation, the chief of the intensive care unit of the Saint Antoine Paris Hospital in France was interested if acupuncture might help reduce the dosage necessary for the induction of anesthesia required for intubation, as suggested by several published articles. In response to this call from the hospital, the Scientific Acupuncture Department of the Paris XI University cared for 34 patients with severe COVID-19 to research a specific point corresponding to the viral infection. Using auricular causative diagnosis, the researchers identified an auricular visual marker for COVID-19 that corresponds with the Interferon point. Read the full editorial at link to


Volf N, Salques V, Lassaux A. An Auricular Marker for COVID-19. Medical Acupuncture. 2020; 32(4): 174-175. DOI: 10.1089/acu.2020.29151.vlf


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