The Canadian Physiotherapy Association sponsors a CIAM presentation on auricular neuromodulation for neck pain

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association sponsors a CIAM presentation on auricular neuromodulation for neck pain

As the vital partner for physical therapists, the Canadian Physiotherapy Association inspires excellence and innovation to promote health. Because of the importance of neuro-auricular modulation in pain medicine, the Canadian Physiotherapy Association has sponsored a presentation on the subject by the Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine (CIAM). Neck and spine pain have a high prevalence around the world. A systematic review estimated the annual and lifetime prevalence rates to be 37.2%[1] with neck and spine pain (including lower back) to be the most common cause of disability in North America.[2] Neuromodulation-auricular approaches offer a window onto the related neural aspects underlying the often controversial diagnosis, etiology and treatment of neck pain. 

The microsystem of the ear reflects the brain’s mapping of our neural states (anatomical, functional, mental). This is not just a simple static map; it is a precise and dynamic map that provides a highly individualized and current read-out of what is happening in both mind and body — psychosomatic insights so important for the effective management/treatment of pain.[3-5]

In the free webinar sponsored by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association in conjunction with the CPA PD Marketplace on Embodia, you will learn mechanisms of action, as well as how to read the map and identify active reflex zones. These skills will give you access to privileged information from the patient’s nervous system — deeper insights to support improved therapy outcomes:

  • Identify and/or confirm underlying issues related to each patient’s individual symptom picture
  • Uncover insights to support your Physiotherapy assessment and treatment plan.
  • Influence pain messages in the central nervous system by treating points on the ear

The skills from this introductory presentation can support improved practice results as soon as they are applied — even though they only scratch the surface of what is possible using Auricular Methods.


If you missed the presentation, you can still access the FREE supplemental resource here (sign in to CIAM learning platform required for access to the recording)



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