CCOM Presented with Opportunity to Win Scholarships Totaling $9400

CCOM Presented with Opportunity to Win Scholarships Totaling $9400

Financial support for the Neuro-auricular training Oct 28-30

Imagine the opportunity to attend a 3-day training valued at $1057 for only $190, while also receiving 9 CEUs. The Chicago College of Oriental Medicine ( would like to offer you this opportunity!

For the first time in CCOM history, students and faculty have the chance at scholarship awards totaling $9400 from the Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine (CIAM). To achieve the award, CCOM must present a concerted commitment in Auricular Medicine learning by sharing their interest to attend Master the Science of Neuro-Auricular Pain Abatement + Ear Point Guide (9 CEUs).

If the CA$9400 scholarship is achieved, this is what
the training credit will look like for students enrolling in,
Master the Science of Neuro-auricular Pain Abatement.
Photo ©2022 CIAM

Share your commitment to auricular learning

CCOM students, faculty, colleagues and friends interested in the continuing education presentation on Oct 28-30: Master the Science of Neuro-Auricular Pain Abatement, can participate in the CIAM scholarship award opportunity simply by contacting CCOM Director of Administration, Christopher Silva (see contact details below). By securing just 5 enrollments, CCOM will have already achieved an award of $2000. With 10 enrollments, the award will increase to $4500. And, with 20 enrollments the complete award, a total of $9400, can be won.

CCOM is inviting all students and faculty to participate in making this scholarship award a reality. Friends and colleagues may also participate to help CCOM win this award, however, CCOM students and faculty have precedence for participation if the award limit of 20 award participants is achieved.

Contact CCOM by Oct 21, 2022!

The scholarship award, disbursed as a credit toward enrollment invitations to Master the Science of Neuro-auricular Pain Abatement, represents a massive savings for each award recipient. The training is valued at $1125 ($1057 for early registrations), and if CCOM achieves the scholarship, the first 20 participants (with priority to CCOM students and faculty) will be able to enroll for only $190. 

Join CCOM’s concerted commitment to Auricular Medicine learning to support the award and your chance at the award disbursement.

Contact Details:

Christopher Silva L.M.T., M.S.Ac
Director of Administration
Chicago College of Oriental Medicine
(312)-368-0900 Ex. 2

Lead photo: ©CCOM

All amounts shown in US dollars (USD) based on exchange rates from Canadian dollars calculated on Oct 13 at

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