Relationship of Governor Vessel 20-24 to Our Constitution

Relationship of Governor Vessel 20-24 to Our Constitution

The work of Dr. med. Frank Bahr has shown the Cranial region between Governor Vessel 20-24 (in German, Lenkergefäß, or LG) is especially important for our constitution, and in turn, our future. This relationship coincides with the names of GV 20 and GV 24, respectively known in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture as Baihui or "Master of Spiritual Energy“ and Shenting or "Divine Area."

GV 20 also overlaps with the highest Indian Chakra, "Sahasrara" known as the Crown Chakra. Points GV 20 and GV 24 points are on a line that make up a time axis. These relationships suggest that the compensation of a constitutional weakness has greater impact on the future of a patient in this life than the concepts of Dharma or Karma. 

The frequency of 7708 Hz, or the floral essence of Blue Lechenaultia, resonates with active points along the Governor Vessel between GV 20 and GV 24, as well as homeopathic (e.g. constitutional) points found on the non-dominant ear. This frequency helps identify the presence of a constitutional weaknesses.

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