Observing and Using Auricular Visual Markers in Patients with COVID-19

Observing and Using Auricular Visual Markers in Patients with COVID-19

Using auricular causative diagnosis, researchers at the Scientific Acupuncture Department of the Paris XI University have identified an auricular visual marker (AVM) for COVID-19 that corresponds with the Interferon point. 

Auricular Visual Marker (AVM) for COVID-19 ©2020 Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

The AVM, observed as an edema, is present within the entire area between the tragus and the ascending branch of the helix on patients with COVID-19. Volf, and her team at the Scientific Acupuncture Department, noted that “In more-severe clinical COVID-19 cases the edema on the superior tragus was more pronounced, deforming and encompassing larger areas of the tragus, the ascending branch of the helix, and completely covering the supratragic notch. The AVM appeared to be reversible; progressively diminishing and finally disappearing with each patient’s recovery.”[1]

Although there has yet to be formal research on the use of the Interferon point in support of COVID-19 assessment or treatment, published articles suggest that auricular stimulation may reduce induction dosages necessary for anesthesia (such as required for mechanical ventilation).[2-4] Protocols are being presented for research into the treatment of COVID-19 by acupuncture and other alternatives to drug-based therapies. An example includes the “Efficacy and safety of acupuncture therapy for COVID-19.”[5]

Looking for, and reporting on, how the physiological changes in patients responding to COVID-19 are reflected on the ear, continues to further the insights offered by auricular medicine. 

Note: If you have observations with COVID patients in your auricular practice, please send them to Dr. André Lentz at the International College of Auriculomedicine and Auriculotherapy Review (ICAMAR). Dr. Lentz is an independent medical doctor leading the charge of collecting, encouraging and publishing auricular research. 

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Image ©2020 Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.


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