Constitutional Weaknesses Reflected on the Ear as Homeopathic Points

Constitutional Weaknesses Reflected on the Ear as Homeopathic Points

Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician living 1755-1843, was best known for creating homeopathy. He believed that the constitution of a patient is of highest importance for well-being into the future. To support the constitution is to support good health and performance physiologically and mentally — with good state of emotions and soul.

Homeopathic doctors believe that the frequency of the molecules is responsible for the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies. Modern Auricular Medicine, as well as today's therapeutic application of Low Level Laser, offers an understanding and application of the science of frequencies in healing. In Auricular Medicine, homeopathic miasms are understood as constitutional weaknesses. The work of Dr. med. Frank Bahr offers clear identification of personal constitutional weaknesses (those related to the patient and parents) reflected as homeopathic points on the non-dominant ear (in silver), and generational constitutional weaknesses (those related to a patient's ancestry) are reflected as homeopathic points on the dominant ear (in gold). These points resonate with a constitutional laser frequency of 7708 Hz, or with an ampule of Blue Leschenaultia.

Homeopathic Points Resonating with Frequency for Constitutional Weakness on Non-Dominant Ear (in silver)

Constitutional Weaknesses / Homeopathic Points Ear Chart © 2013 Dr. med. Frank Bahr 

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