A Comprehensive Training in Auricular Medicine

Even seasoned health practitioners discover new pathways for healing with this training program. Uncover hidden blockages, clear system stress, stimulate new levels of health for your patients. Continuing health education at its best!

New Book by Dr. Muriel Agnes!

Auricular Medicine: Window to the Brain. Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 10.41.52 AMMany practitioners include auricular acupuncture in their practices without knowing the full potential of auricular medicine. The ear is a window to the brain that allows us to “see” and treat the brain directly, effectively and safely. This book presents the significance of the discoveries of auricular medicine; the profound implications of the use of the Vascular Autonomic Signal, the “third pulse”, for diagnosis and treatment; tools and methods of application; case reports and research; as well as useful charts and maps. Preview it here.

“Dr. Muriel Agnes of the Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine first brought me to teach in North America in 2003. Since then we have collaborated and she has developed a comprehensive training program in German Auricular Medicine. With this training, practitioners will learn current developments in auricular acupuncture, and the approach taught in Germany; a system that will bring profound results through clearing blockages to healing and stubborn symptoms.   Not only does this teaching team offer the only systematic training of our program in the English language in the world, they are highly professional and caring teachers.” Dr. Beate Strittmatter, Director of Education, German Academy of Acupuncture (DAA).