Ear Point Guide: Understanding Ear Anatomy, Landmarks, Point Locating and Needling (online, self-directed)

This course is online and self-directed. It can be used as a stand-alone study guide; an ideal practice companion along with the Pocket Atlas and a pair of silicone practice ears; or, for students entering Level I, an option in place of the required reading assigned prior to the course.

The Ear Point Guide is designed as a set of video resources to support learning covering auricular anatomy, landmarks, point locating and needling:

  1. Anatomy of the Ear, Head and Bony Skull
  2. Landmarks
  3. Zones 4-7
  4. Forceps
  5. Functional Points
  6. Upper and Lower Limbs
  7. Organ Points
  8. Hormone Points
  9. Point finder demo
  10. Needling demonstration