Level II: Clearing Blockages to Healing

3.5 days of lectures, demonstrations and supervised practice. Completion awards participants 27 CEUs (as approved by NCCAOM)

Learning Outcomes

  • žConfidence in assessment and treatment skills
  • žSkill in the VAS as an assessment tool
  • žUnderstanding of applications of “Tissue Layers”
  • žClinical Skills in “Pre-Assessment Method”
  • žAbility to prioritize treatment of Blockages to Healing (Focal Disturbances)
  • žFamiliarity with the use of frequencies for assessment and treatment
  • Advanced clinical case management skills

Day One

  • Overview
  • Introductions (insights and sharing from our practices)
  • Review of key anatomical and functional points
  • Additional points for chronic conditions: Zone Points, Pain Memory Points, and Cardinal Points
  • VAS: Definition and implications for practice

  • Understanding focus activity and focus assessment

  • 3 tissue layers: deep, middle, superficial layers

  • VAS practice finding points in different tissue layers

  • Pre-assessment definition and use of bars

  • Demonstration of pre-assessment

  • Small group supervised practice

Day Two

  • VAS practice with pre-assessment

  • Focus indicator points (middle layer)

  • Practice finding indicator points

  • Method demonstration using middle and deep layer points

  • Small group supervised practice

Day Three

  • Testing for Intolerances with the Polaroid Filter with demonstration and practice time

  • Adding the superficial layer information — vitamin and/or mineral associations with each focus

  • Case management: treatment forms

  • Method demonstration

  • Small group practice, including finding associated superficial points for the highest foci

Day Four

  • Discussion, questions and next steps in your training

  • Adding the hidden dental focus system with demonstration

  • Small group practice (optional)

  • Setting up goals for final practice period

  • Demonstration and group practice