There is a growing body of research and publication of medical papers in the field of auricular acupuncture (e.g. auricular points as used in TCM, auricular therapy, and auricular medicine). The following is a partial selection of resources for further understanding.

Books, Research Papers and Articles

  • Strittmatter B. Ear Acupuncture: a precise pocket atlas  based on the works of Nogier/Bahr Second English edition 2011; ISBN: 978-3-13.131962-3, Thieme Editors.  Stuttgart, Germany
  • Strittmatter B. Identifying and Treating Blockages to Healing, New approaches to therapy-resistant patients, according to the work of Frank Bahr and Paul Nogier. 2004; ISBN 1-58890-106-8, Thieme Editors. Stuttgart,Germany
  • Bahr F, Strittmatter B. Das grosse Buch der Ohrakupunktur, 2010; ISBN 978-3-8304-5413-7, Hippokrates Editors, Stuttgart 
  • Bahr F, et al. Das grosse Buch der klassischen Akupunktur, 2014; second edition, ISBN 978-3-437-56780-3, Urban und Fischer  Editors, München
  • Penfield W, Rasmussen T. The Cerebral Cortex of Man: A study localization of function. Macmillan (1950)
  • Agnes M. Auricular Medicine: A Window to the Brain. Blurb. 2018.

 Historical and Medical Context

 Scientific Considerations for Broader Context

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