Foundations of German Auricular Acupuncture is no longer required for CIAM training or certification — key course components have been rolled into Level I, providing a more streamlined Core Curriculum Path.

For students preparing to take Level I, the Ear Point Guide is a perfect online companion to the required course text.

More importantly, you can use the Ear Point Guide at any point, even if you don't yet have plans for starting Level I. This online guide of video resources offers students and practitioners critical ear acupuncture knowledge to expand your learning and treatment plans/options.

Auricular anatomy, landmarks, point locating and needling are all included:

  1. Anatomy of the Ear, Head and Bony Skull
  2. Landmarks
  3. Zones 4-7
  4. Forceps
  5. Functional Points
  6. Upper and Lower Limbs
  7. Organ Points
  8. Hormone Points
  9. Point finder demo
  10. Needling demonstration 

No better day than today to learn your points — start now!