CIAM’s highly endorsed core curriculum is helping lead the understanding of auricular methods for powerful insights into the human system.

The CORE Curriculum Path

  1. Ear Point Guide
  2. Level 1: Enhanced Auricular Assessment and Treatment
  3. Clinical Practicum 1 
  4. Level 2: Clearing Blockages to Healing 
  5. Clinical Practicum 2 
  6. Level 3: Advanced Methods 
  7. Clinical Practicum 3 

Enrollment Options

  • PLUS | Non-core Enrollment: Participation in courses beyond the CORE curriculum path. CIAM offers PLUS courses (seminars, workshops, demonstrations and networking opportunities) ideal for individuals who want to get their feet wet prior to advancing to the core curriculum, or those who are interested in extending their opportunities beyond the CORE curriculum.
  • CORE | Core Curriculum Enrollment: Single registration in core curriculum courses on a one-by-one basis (paying as you go)
  • CMCP | Full Program Enrollment: Join us in the Complete Masters Certificate Program (CMCP) which offers significant savings on 10 courses and 1 comprehensive learning path that includes CORE, PLUS and CERTIFY courses!
  • CERTIFY | Enrollment for Certification: Your education with CIAM does not require that you become certified, however you have the opportunity to earn certification at any point (given respective requirements have been met). Enrollment in the CMCP automatically gives you the option to get certified (see certification FAQs).

It’s About Growth, Clinical Practice and Professional Network

Your Growth: Auricular methods and medicine as taught by CIAM, help you gain practical skills for the shift toward neorology-, frequency- and resonance-based concepts in healthcare today and of the future.

Your Network: The field of Auricular Medicine includes medical doctors addressing the opiod epidemic, psychologists healing trauma, acupuncturists advancing neuro-auricular methods, and many other healthcare professionals who integrate auricular. CIAM has certified practitioners around the world. Connect with your network.

Your Practice: Practitioners who integrate auricular methods discover added precision in acupuncture, primed tissue release in Manual Therapy, polyvagal regulation approaches in psychology, enhanced adrenal function in Natural Medicine, and much more across many other modalities of healing. 

Integrate Auricular!

An auricular approach can offer powerful insight into what ails the entire body. CIAM graduates are using auricular insights to prioritize treatment approaches and break through the walls presented by their most challenging cases. Auricular Medicine, because of its basis in neurology- and frequency-based concepts, supports insight for treatment options in challenging cases such as therapy resistant patients.

Current and ongoing research in neuroscience, vagus nerve stimulation, heart rate variability as a critical biomarker, neuro-auricular acupuncture, medical frequencies (i.e. electromagnetic waves, frequency-specific micro currents, pulsed low level laser) is proving auricular medicine as a growth field — and continuously advances the field.

Save up to $2,250 on realizing your plans to advance your training!

Have you noticed the shift in healthcare? Are you up-to-date with neurology- and medical frequency-based concepts that are helping drive healthcare into the future? Join your colleagues in Level I or Certificate Program training.