Level 1 online
Opening Fall 2020

CIAM is preparing to re-open Level 1 as a comprehensive distance leaning experience that is fully online. This will include: self-guided interactive video learning components, live instructor review/Q&A sessions, treatment demonstrations, and the advisor-guided online clinical practicum for certification.  

Level 2 online
Scheduled for October 16th, 17th, 23rd & 24th, 2020

A live, 4-part webinar series with FREE clinical practicum. Details and enrollment.

Level 3 on-site
Scheduled for 2021

Dates to be announced by January/February/March of 2021

Complete Master Certificate Program (CMCP) 
Open for pre-sale registration

Secure your commitment to auricular training at a significant savings of $2,250 CAD! 10 trainings, 1 comprehensive learning path! While Level 1 is still in development, you can secure the program discount and immediately get started with the Ear Point Guide! Details and enrollment.

VAS Workshops and Intro Events
Currently Closed

Owing to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and the planning nature of these workshops and events, these trainings have been put on hold until further notice.

Clinical Practicums, Low-Level Laser Therapy and other online resources

These online programs remain available at www.integrateauricular.com with automatic re-enrollment once they become available on CIAM’s new learning platform!