INTEGRATIVE. It’s How We Think.

CIAM is passionate and committed to the continuing education and integration of auricular medicine across many areas of healthcare practice. Because reflex zones on the ear offer neurological insight into what ails the body, the ear is is the greatest tool every patient already brings you!

Medical practitioners are using the ear in healthcare settings around the world. Here are some ways you can use the ear in your practice:
  • Psychology: new/additional approaches for polyvagal regulation
  • Manual Therapy: priming the nervous system for tissue release
  • Acupuncture: pulse-guided techniques for added point finding precision
  • Natural Medicine: support for enhanced adrenal function
  • Nursing: improved efficiency in healthcare approaches

These are just a few examples of how Auricular Medicine is grounded in neurology to offer a window to the brain: patient assessment, prioritization of treatment options, and ultimate treatment (or support in treatment) of complex conditions.

It is to be understood that auricular treatment can be applied using a variety of clinical methods depending on your area of practice and licensure: using needles, manual ear stimulation, ear-press seeds, electro-stimulation, and low level laser therapy.

CORE CURRICULUM. It’s How You Gain Expertise.

There are several shifts happening in healthcare, including increasing recognition and use of neuroscience, neuro-auricular acupuncture, biophysics therapies, the mind-body relationship, resonance for homeostasis, and medical frequencies. These shifts require ever more expertise. Where do you start? In which trainings do you focus your time?

In light of its basis in neuro-auricular stimulation, measuring autonomic output, and therapeutic frequencies, Auricular Medicine offers a comprehensive starting point! And, CIAM delivers the distinctive core curriculum from which students gain relevant clinical skills directly applicable in their practice. CIAM graduates are using auricular insights to prioritize treatment approaches and break through the walls presented by their most challenging cases.

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