The field of auricular practice goes well beyond auricular protocols, therapies and ear acupuncture to include an understanding of neurology-, resonance- and frequency-based concepts found in today’s modern medicine.

Auricular Medicine Succinctly Defined.

It is not otolaryngology or a field of medicine to treat the ear. Rather, it is a field of medicine to treat the entire body via the ear (auricle). There exist several fields of analogous auricular methods, including Auricular Stimulation Procedures, Auricular Therapy and Ear Acupuncture. Many, are protocol-based (i.e. Battlefield Acupuncture and AcuDetox), therapeutic-focused (i.e. Auricular Therapy also known as Auriculotherapy), or methods of ear acupuncture as directly originated from the practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) body acupuncture. The field of auricular practice goes well beyond protocols, therapies and ear acupuncture to also specifically include concepts in neuroscience, neuro-acupuncture, and bioelectromagnetic medicine (i.e. resonance-based signals, resonance signaling and frequency modulation) for assessment, treatment, and most importantly the prioritization of treatment options to address constitutional issues otherwise preventing healing. This is Auricular Medicine.

And, this is what makes the study and practice of Auricular Medicine so encompassing. Because, beyond the therapeutic protocols, an attention to the the reflex zones of the ear can provide insight into neural states and effective means by which to regulate them. German Auricular Medicine, in particular, offers a direct lineage between the origins of Auricular Therapy and Auricular Medicine (as based on the work of Dr. Paul Nogier) and the modern and current developments of Auricular Medicine in Europe.  

English language texts for Auricular Medicine include the following: 

Ear Acupuncture: A Precise Pocket Atlas Based on the Works of Nogier/Bahr,


Identifying and Treating Blockages to Healing: New Approaches to Therapy-Resistant Patients


Auricular Medicine: A Window to the Brain


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