German Auricular Medicine Level 3 :                     The Master Class.  March 21 – 23, 2019 in beautiful Providence, Rhode Island.

Master Class 1

Take your GAM assessment methods to a new, advanced level. Open up more doors for finding and resolving patient blockages to healing.

Join your GAM colleagues who Master Class 2have been practicing auricular medicine for years in this stimulating experience of learning and practising advanced methods of GAM. Building on the foundation of the Level II method, you will learn to approach your patients’ presentations from new angles and methods that doctors in Europe have been successfully employing in recent years. 

Learn to assess the implications of the health of the chakras, the meridians, hidden psychological issues, posture, acidity, and how to reinforce treatments with point combinations, such as connecting dental issues with meridian blockages and energy treatment combinations.

This practical, hands-on 2.5 day training is for those comfortable with the VAS and ready to gain additional assessment methods. NCCAOM – 16 ceu’s.


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