LLLT 2: Therapeutic Frequencies

The addition of therapeutic frequencies to the laser light wave opens a diagnostic and treatment window for targeted treatments that will increase your clinical success.
The frequencies taught in this course have been clinically proven by thousands of European doctors over 30 years. Europeans are on the leading edge in the discovery and clinical application of “frequency modulation”, allowing a sophisticated and refined method of focusing in on the deeper issues of the healing process. Learning about Therapeutic Frequencies is to learn the subtle language of the body system, cellular communication. This knowledge opens up possibilities for assessment and treatment that were previously unimagined.
Through engaging in this course you are part of this exciting future in medicine.physiolaser_olympic_laser-400x268

11.5 ceu’s (NCCAOM) for completion of course assignments, watching video lectures and demonstrations, and completing the final course program sheet and test.

By the end of this course, participants will have gained:

  • Understanding of the leading edge science and context of frequencies;
  • Knowledge of the Nogier and Bahr Frequencies;
  • Familiarity with clinical applications of frequency modulation for acupuncture and local tissue;
  • Ability to select specific frequencies for many common conditions as well as more challenging disturbances, such as hidden dental problems.


These courses give you the prerequisite knowledge of familiarity with the auricular ear map and low level laser therapy.  Those who have been trained in the application of the Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS), or “Nogier Pulse”, will gain even more from this course. 

We recommend the purchase of these companion textbooks if you do not already own them: “Ear Acupuncture: A Precise Pocket Atlas”, and “The New Laser Therapy Handbook”.


  • For our course site, we use the very popular Moodlecloud system. Once you register you will be sent a link and a key to enter your “classroom”.
  • Once registered you have 120 days of access to the course site.
  • On the course site you will find your course outline, and modules with assignments, video lectures and resources.  You simply need a computer with high speed internet and up-to-date Java, QuickTime and Adobe software, to view and engage in the course modules.   
  • To complete this course for continuing education credits you need to complete the assignments, the program worksheet and the final test. Completion awards 11.5 ceu’s (NCCAOM).
  • Course Fees: $275. CAD, all inclusive.

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