Two One-day Workshops: Introduction to Auricular Medicine and Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) for Manual Therapists

Individually exceptional in their ability to assess and treat pain and other deep, underlying conditions, this unique combination of German Auricular Acupuncture and the Vascular Autonomic 20151030_150952Signal (VAS) offers a training to health practitioners looking for breakthroughs with challenging conditions. Either workshop can also be taken independently.

February 23-24, 2019, 9 – 5 each day, Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy, Halifax.  $250 each day or $450 for both days.

CEUs: Each One Day course gives MTANS = 3.5 primary or MTWPAM = 4 secondary CEUs

Introduction to Auricular Medicine, February 23, 9 – 5

The ear offers an exciting and precise map of the brain that can be non-invasively accessed for assessing and treating challenging, chronic conditions that are otherwise blocked from healing. Learn how to use the ear for its direct pathway of healing and the “personalized medicine” it offers. In this daylong workshop you will learn how to use the ear to assess and treat conditions, with an emphasis on pain. You will be applying what you learned on Monday in your clinic!

Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) for Manual Therapists, February 24, 9 – 5

The VAS is a tool that allows the therapist to assess patients in a profound way, gaining privileged information by a subtle listening to the Autonomic Nervous System. It does not require any machinery, only your palpation and a willingness to listen. Using the VAS as a manual therapist will lead you to the source of the problem, which is not always where the pain is. This tool will also show you if your treatment has been effective, or if there is more to do in a certain area. This internationally accepted mechanism, read at the radial pulse with the thumb, will open a window into your patients’ state of health that you didn’t have access to before.

Instructor: Dave Maybee, RMT

Register using the Form Below. The fee showing is for the two days. If  attending only the Auricular Workshop, enter coupon code “Day One”, and if attending only the VAS Workshop, enter coupon code “Day Two”. The fee will change to $250 for payment. 


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