Our Seminars are open to all health practitioners. Prerequisites are required for most courses. Certification is awarded those who successfully complete all courses of their Level of study.   To Register or get more information, click the active links below for courses currently open.  For the Laser Therapy Training Program, scroll to bottom of page.

German Auricular Medicine Training Program
Introductory Courses:  Introduction to Auricular Medicine, January 19, 2019, and Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) for Manual Therapists, January 20, 2019, Halifax.    A unique combination of hands-on workshops. Participate in one or both.
Level I: Foundations of German Auricular Medicine.   Completion of Level I will allow you to integrate auricular acupuncture into your clinical practice with great success and confidence.
Course Name Course Format
Level I Online. Foundations Online Self-Directed; 7 modules, 30ceu’s.
Ongoing – Register and Begin any time that works for you.
Level I: Enhanced Auricular Assessment and Treatment
Practical, Hands-on 3.5 day Training. 27 ceu’s (NCCAOM). Note: 4 days in Amsterdam.
3 Venue Options:
Amsterdam, Netherlands, April 11 – 14
Toronto, Canada, May 2 – 5
Providence, Rhode Island, June 6 – 9
Clinical Practicum I
Online with Instructor Support. 10 Case Studies within 120 days. Completes Level I Certification requirements. Register and Begin any time.
Level II:Clearing Blockages to Healing.  This training ensures the ability to successfully treat those more challenging cases that involve layers of hidden blockages that prevent healing.
Course Name Course Format
VAS DAY A new one-day course for Skill-Building.
Level II Onsite. Clearing Blockages to Healing. Practical, Hands-on 4 day Training. 29 ceu’s (NCCAOM)
Clinical Practicum II
Online with Instructor Support. 5 Case Studies, each following one patient for 4 treatments. Course access is 120 days. Completes Level II Certification requirements. Register and Begin any time.
Level III:Advanced Clinical Retreat. For practitioners who have been practising the Level II methods. Master expert methods of GAM.
Course Name Course Format
Level III: The Master Class
Dr. Frank Bahr Coming to Canada! Registration Opening Soon! May 23-27, 2019.Toronto
Practical, hands-on 2.5 day training for those comfortable with the VAS and ready to gain additional assessment methods.
Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Applications Ongoing Courses. Register and Begin any time that works for you.
Course Name Format Length Credit Hours
LLLT 1: Foundations of Laser Therapy Online Course. Register and Begin anytime.
4 weeks 12 ceu’s (NCCAOM)
LLLT 2: Therapeutic Frequencies Online Course. Register and Begin anytime.
4 weeks 11.5 ceu’s (NCCAOM)