For Tools, Equipment and Supplies used in our Training Program visit our CIAM Auricular Products page at Eastern Currents.

For CIAM wall charts and the ampule sets used in Level II, email info@canadianauricular.ca with your order. If you are coming to an onsite course we can bring it with us for you. If you wish it to be mailed, include your postal address in the email. There will be a $15 shipping flat rate added to the cost of the order. We will send you an invoice and mail your order.



Identifying Blockages Ampule Set $100

Diagnostic Vitamin Set $85

Diagnostic Mineral Set $85

Empty Vials $4.00 each

Empty Boxes $6.00 each

Wall Charts: $12 each or 3 for $30. Dimensions 13″x 17″.

Common Functional Points chartChronic Pain chart

Dental Chart.xls